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Scuba Sam is a lucky guy: he’s found sunken treasure! The trouble is, now he’s got to go down there and get it. He’ll have to watch out for barracudas though – those mean fish will make him drop his gold!
Guide Scuba Sam down to the ocean floor to collect the treasure in his net, and then click to make him swim back up. You can also use the mouse button to help Sam avoid nasty barracudas!
Get back up to the good ship “Jellyfish” with three loads of treasure and you’ll be sailing for home. But get bitten by a barracuda, and it’s back to the start… Timing and planning are the name of the game here. Players must keep an eye out for hazards, estimate where they will need to be in order to avoid them, and act accordingly. Best for who are already familiar with cursor-control and clicking tasks.







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